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27 Dec 2009

How To Build Linkable Content

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Linkable Content is key to building inbound links that you never have to ask for. Interesting unique content that other sites or people with sites will find useful and link to.

The challenge becomes creating content that people will link to and be able to find. We will address both issues in this article.

Creating Unique Content

Coming up with content that is unique and linkable doesn’t have to be a difficult task. One of the easiest ways to come up with ideas for good content is to research forums and sites that you are related to your content where people ask questions. Find questions that are interesting and haven’t been answered or adequately answered and write an article. Now you have a unique article that can be linked to when it is found.

Getting Your Article Found

Sharing your article will get it found by people looking for the answer. There are hundreds if not thousands of sites to share written content. Sites like e-zines, article submission sites, social media sites like digg, reddit, livejournal, facebook, twitter are all great places to share content.

Always remember to give back. Link to content on other sites that you find relevant and feel would be useful to your readers.

26 Dec 2009

A Priority For Your 2010 SEO Campaign

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The new year is just around the corner. If you are a business owner or maintain web sites /  blogs, optimization tactics and your 2010 SEO campaign  should be on your  priority list.

As we have mentioned in past articles Social Media is in the forefront of optimization.  Yes. There are many other facets of optimization that are equally important but if you are not interacting in the social media circle you are loosing a large potential for new clients or customers.

Social Media Optimization, also known as SMO is by far the least expensive way for your site or blog to gain exposure if YOU maintain these media sites like Facebook, linkedin MerchantCircle, amd many others for yourself. If you choose to have a seo company maintain the networking sites for you it can get very costly.

It is not as difficult as you may think. It is just time consuming. As anyone in business knows, time is money. Time well spent can increase your bottom line. Lets face it, the bottom line for any business is the net profit.

In our next article we will lay out a structure for planning your 2010 campaign strategy. It is a iase move on the part of any business owner to sit down with a professional seo and discuss your needs. Be sure to get your free initial seo consultation from DeZineZone for 2010.

21 Dec 2009

Google Is Changing How You Search

Around the middle of December 2009 Google introduced a new style of search, “real time search” This change in algorithm for better search results is due to all the hype of social media. Those who have had no interest in social media marketing will be left behind if they don’t do some serious catch up.

SEOs are keeping a close eye
on the progression of this new wave as the new real time search results will out power the organic search results by having a physically higher position on the search pages than the organic results.

We will be keeping a close watch
on the progression as it could have a huge effect on how we market business websites.

18 Dec 2009
18 Dec 2009
17 Dec 2009

Promote Your Web Site / Blog World Wide for FREE With Social Media

The most useful  marketing tool ever has come about through social media. What is social media? Sites like,,,,, and just to name a few, are all what are called social networking or social bookmarking sites. They are all places to interact with other people and share information and ideas. You can also market your products or sites through these sites with millions of other users.

Signing up for an account and using these sites is free. Every site that gives you the opportunity to interact with large groups of people at no charge are beneficial for including links back to your site or product pages.

Many of these sites like, and link back to information within your site or blog. Writing unique articles with information related to your site or product and then networking the article  to to these sites will also get people backto your site or product.

13 Dec 2009

Blogging to market a website

Do you have something interesting to talk about? Do you have relevant information to your site that people would search for? Then blogging is for you. As we have discussed many times before, link building is important toward the optimization of your site. The more unique relevant articles with back links to your site you have, the more clout your site will carry with the search engines.

13 Dec 2009

What is RSS or a RSS feed?

RSS most generally stands for “Really Simple Syndication”. A term used for syndicating or reiterating or repeating information. Unique information has a much better chance of being fed on another persons site, newsgroup, blog, or social networking site than information that has already been published.

The seo advantage to having your rss feeds picked up and placed by other people is the back link aspect. The feed will be coming directly from your site so any links within the article will be yours and will point where you want then to point.

Bottom line, any relevant links coming back to your site are beneficial to your site optimization.

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13 Dec 2009

Google testing Social Search in search results

If you are one of the skeptical souls that don’t feel social networking is an important factor of search engine optimization (seo) then think again.  In October 2009 Google introduced testing of Social Search, a new experimental feature from the Google Lab.At this time the feature is op in but is definitly an item to keep an eye on.

The feature requires you have a Google account and are logged into your account while searching.  This feature uses your Google Profile and also looks at other social networking sites you have a profile on like Twitter or FriendFeed. So far this is definitely experimental but I believe this will soon become an option embedded in the search results. With that being said, social networking takes on a whole new future.

06 Dec 2009

Top 12 Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Tips

  1. Unique relevant content
  2. Relevant high ranking back links
  3. Key words and / or  phrases in your links
  4. Alt tags on ALL images
  5. Testing and researching your server for blacklist
  6. Give everyone a way to share your content
  7. Social networking to share content and information
  8. Submitting sitemaps for rapid indexing
  9. Easy to navigate
  10. Correct grammar, spelling, and punctuation
  11. Individual page optimization
  12. Regular site updates
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