21 Jan

New – Breadcrumbs In Google Search Rsults

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As I follow the evolution of Google search results since their algorithm update, I have noticed a new search result.

If your site contains breadcrumbs – (the navigation system that tracks back the path in which the page you are on comes from) i.e. Home > Miscellaneous you may see these search results as additional links in your in Google search. I have recently noticed these results for the search dezinezone – (our company). In theory this could add to the number of linked pages a site will have.

This is evidence that properly structured web sites will get deeper search results than sites that are improperly structured. Read through the posts in our blog to get more information on SEO and some very important changes that are taking place in search engine algorithms.

Below is a screen shot of the search results for dezinezone on 01-21-0210

New Google search showing breadcrumbs in the results.

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