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11 Mar 2010

The Importance Of Web Site Structure And Framework For SEO

Web site layout and structure has become a critical factor in (SEO) Search Engine Optimization.

Search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing have changed the manner in which they index your pages. Site structure now plays a roll in optimization of your website or blog and helps in determining the relevance of the information within your site. Below we will discuss the different facets of construction and structure.

CSS Table-less Structure

CSS stands for cascading style sheets. This is code that separates the layout from the content. In old school design everything was laid out in tables and text was formatted within the page itself. This made it more difficult for search engine spiders (bots) to decipher the relevant content from code.

h tags

Example – <h3>Some Text</h3>

H tags also known as  heading tags are used to help depict the importance of information within your article or post. Your h tags should also include relevant key words or phrases that depict what the article or post is about. These tags carry more weight with the  search engine algorithms and basically tell the spiders what information will be in the article or post. There are many other factors also analyzed by the spiders at this point.

In our next post we will discuss the importance of properly structured navigation.

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06 Mar 2010

WordPress 3.0 Release Will Be 03-2010

As anyone who blogs already knows, blogging is an essential part of your online presence.

If you don’t have a blog you should get one up and running. With Google and real time search in the mix and blogging being a platform to put relevant real time information on the Internet, it is extremely important to have a blog presence.

Whether you have a web site or not, blogging can enhance the visibility of your personal name, company name, business location, what you do, and other information that is useful to potential customers and clients. Many websites do not get updated on a regular basis but a blog or also known a s a web log, gets updated much more often adding to the amount of good relevant information you will have out in the public eye.

WordPress is the leading open source blogging software available. It is also free. In order to have blogging software with your own domain name you must have a hosting account. DeZineZone offers WordPress optimized hosting for fast reliable blog hosting. With our promotion code that you can get just for signing up for our SEO Newsletter you can save $70.05 on your first year of blog hosting. Your initial cost for the first year is only $ 59.95 and that includes your forever free domain name.

WordPress has announced the potential release of 3.0 to be April 2010 You can read about the Key Features of WordPress 3.0 here.

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