10 May

Fifteen SEO / Marketing Acronym Definitions

It is sometimes difficult to understand the terminology used by search engine optimization specialists. Here is a short list of Fifteen SEO / Marketing Acronym Definitions I feel will help not only with reading this blog, but also to understand your SEO when he / she is discussing your project or needs. Please feel free to retweet this to anyone you feel may have a use.

What does this acronym stand for?

CMS – Content Management System

CSS – Cascading Style Sheet

CTR – Click Through Rate

DMOZ – Directory

HTML – HyperText Markup Language

PPC – Pay Per Click

PR – PageRank

RSS – Really Simple Syndication

SEF – Search Engine Friendly

SEM – Search Engine Marketing

SEO – Search Engine Optimization / Optimizer

SERP – Search Engine Results Page

SMO – Social Media Optimization

URL – Universal Resource Locator

XML – Extensible Markup Language

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