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11 Jun 2010

Google Caffeine Update Is Complete 06-08 2010

The web has changed and so has the way Google indexes and serves up web pages. Read the evidence in Google’s official webmaster blog.

After reading this article in Google’s blog you may have a better understanding of the importance of real-time relevant information that comes from regularly updated sites such as news sites and BLOGS.

Yes, blogs have become a very important factor in SEO for your main site. Creating links in your blog that relate to information in your main site can be very beneficial not only to the indexing of your blog but also the indexing and positioning (SERPS) of your main site also through relevant linking.

Social media has also become a perfect place for search engines to index real-time relevant information also. Many people build main websites and never change content. This means the information in these pages can become outdated and not as relevant as information posted in a twitter post, on a facebook fan page, or on your linkedin pages.

The Caffeine update is complete and will change the way your pages are indexed and ranked in the search engines.

28 Nov 2009

Should I use social media marketing?

“Social media marketing” is the use of social networks like Twitter, Facebook, Myspace, Linkedin, blogs, wiki or any other type of online media to increase your business’ online visibility. Social marketing is one of the easiest and least expensive (most of the time free) ways to get large amounts of traffic to your site. Let’s face it, the bottom line, marketing is to get people to buy or pay for what you are supplying.

The answer is YES. Creating inbound links to your site for free is always good. Some inbound links can actually be harmful to your search engine ranking. Links that come from link farms (sites that just link to anything) are not good links.

Some links are more beneficial than others. Having links from relevant sites that have higher page ranks like 3 and up are better than being linked on a page that has no page rank. Being linked on pages that are relevant to your site that has no page rank or low page rank are still good to have because you will gain some traffic to your site from these links and they will have no negative effect on your ranking.

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