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Many people want to add an additional email address that they own to their Gmail account so they only have to check one email account. This makes it much easier when managing several accounts at one time.
Below are the 11 steps to add a POP3 mail account to your Gmail account.

1. Click on the gear (settings) in the upper right corner. (VIEW IMAGE BELOW)

2. Once you have clicked the gear it will show you a drop down. Click “See all settings”. This will open a new window. (VIEW IMAGE BELOW)

3. In the navigation across the top of thesettings page click on the tab that says “Accounts and import” then scroll down to “Check mail from other accounts”. At the bottom of that section click “Add another account”. (VIEW IMAGE BELOW)

4. When you have clicked on “Add another account the window below will open. Add your full email address if it isn’t already there. Click Next (VIEW IMAGE BELOW)

5. In this window make sure “Import emails from my other account (POP3) is checked. Then click next. (VIEW IMAGE BELOW)

6. In this window, make sure the settings are added like shown. you will put your email address and password in the respective areas. you can check the “Lable incoming messages tick box if you like. Click “Add Account” (VIEW IMAGE BELOW)

7. A new window will appear and ask you if you would like to be able to also send mail as the alias. Answer “Yes… Click next. (VIEW IMAGE BELOW)

8. At this point a new window will open and ask you to name the account. This can be anything you want. Make sure the box is ticked to treat as an alias. Click “Next Step” (VIEW IMAGE BELOW)

9. A new window will open and ask you to verify the account. Open your Gmail account and wait for the verification email to come in. If you do not see the email check your spam/junk folder. If it appears in the spam/junk folder right click on it and click “Not spam” It will put the email in your inbox and mark future mail as not being spam. I will most likely be from Gmail Team. Copy the code in the email and paste it into the verify window. You now can send and receive from the new POP3 account through Gmail (VIEW IMAGE BELOW)

10. Last step to set what account you reply to emails from. Tick the box that says “Reply from the same address the message was sent to. (VIEW IMAGE BELOW)

11. In your Gmail account, click compose. The compose window will open and at the very top of that window there will now be a drop down for you to choose what account you want to send from. By default it will send from the account you have set up as default but you can manually change that here. (VIEW IMAGE BELOW)

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