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24 Jan 2010

Duplicate Content – Penalty Or Not?

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Having duplicate content is a huge penalty in the search engines. FALSE!

Duplicate content is information that is the same or very similar to other content on your site or other sites on the web. You can end up with duplicate content on your site and not even know it. It’s important to check your site to make sure you have unique relevant content and your pages are not duplicated. Old content from previous versions of your site that was not removed or redirected with a 301 redirect can cause duplicate content. read more

22 Nov 2009

Choosing the right affiliate program

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If you choose to make money online through affiliate programs you will want to do some research first. Choosing the correct affiliate to market is critical in an effective affiliate marketing program.

When choosing an affiliate, you want to consider whether or not they will be competing for your business. It is important to have programs that are relative to what you do but not in direct competition with you. A good example of an affiliate you might want on a web design website would be a software company. They are very related to what you do but would in no way be any competition for you.

Percentages you will make off the program should also be considered. Some advertisers are willing to share a fare profit with you and some want to pay peanuts. If you are going to spend time advertising for a company, you want it to be worth your while.

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