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20 Feb 2010

Website Analysis With Google Analytics

Analyzing your web traffic is a critical factor in tracking your SERPs. Knowing where your website or blog ranks prior to starting a search engine optimization campaign gives you a focal point.

Google Analytics is a useful tool for tracking your sites performance. It allows a site owners and webmasters to track the changes in SEO to web site and blog pages. Google Analytics also allows you to track how many visitors you have and where they are coming from, right down to the city. It also tracks the pages people are landing on and what pages they are exiting from. This gives you a percentage of your bounce rate. You can set up conversion goals to track specific pages of your site and see what is actually being processed.

Visit the Google Analytics tour to get a better idea of what Analytics can do for your web business. DeZineZone offers Analytic setup and monitoring of your website or blog.

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