29 Nov

Key elements to search engine optimization (seo)

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Web site Ranking With SEO

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. SEO is a critical component in the proper construction of a search engine friendly web site. Key words must co-inside with page content to assure they are relevant to the page. After you or your designer submit your site to the world wide web, search engine robots, also called web crawlers or spiders, search your site for content and check the density of your keywords within the body of the page. This allows a search engine to properly index the page for inclusion in the correct category.

Well written content with correct grammar and without spelling errors is essential to the content of your pages. Many times readers will consider a site with improper grammar and lots of spelling errors to be unprofessional and leave the site in search of a more qualified site. Always spell check your content and if possible, have it proof read before submitting it to the world wide web.

Relevant links are also a critical component of SEO. Linking to and receiving reciprocal links or link backs from medium to high ranking sites is also key to your success in the search engines. Search engines want to have the most relevant links at the top of their pages. This is determined by keywords, content, and link backs. You must manually e-mail and ask webmasters and site owners for reciprocal links. If they feel your site is relevant and has content their viewers would be interested in, they will probably agree to exchanging links with your site.

Each search engine uses a different algorithm or process to index and categorize the pages it includes. These algorithms are a confidential process developed by programmers that work for the search engine company such as Google, Yahoo, and MSN. Many smaller search engines pull their results from these larger search engines and directories. Once you are included in the major search engines your site will most definitely be included in many of the smaller ones automatically.

A good ranking does not happen over night. Much research must go into picking out the correct targeted keywords and key phrases. This is a process the client and designer must work on together to ensure the client’s targeted market is reached. Tweaking (making small changes) key words and content over a period of time is how optimization of your site is achieved. This does not have to be a grueling process if approached in a sensible manner.

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