16 Jul

How Do I Choose Key Words And Phrases For My Web Site Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

How do I choose a list of key words and phrases for my site?

This is a question many clients ask and is a reasonable question. Often a web site owner will not think outside the box for search words that may find new customers or clients. Below I will list several ways to process a full list of viable key words for your business.

First write down the list of key words and phrases you would use to find your business. Have several other people to do the same. Ask as many different types of people as possible to do this for you. Choose the people you ask by age, sex, demographics, and any other variable that may suit your business.

Enter searches into a search engine like Google, Bing, or Yahoo and see if competing businesses come up.

Use your search words and phrases to do a search and research the companies that come up by reading through the content on their pages, paying close attention to key words and phrases that would relate to your business. You will be surprised at the words you may have never considered.

Use a key word generator tool to help in this process Google has a great tool for AdWords campaign that works very well. You can find the tool HERE.

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July 18, 2011 Reply

It is very true that Search engine optimization is a technique to optimize the website in different search engine. If you have to popularity of your website then you have to follow this rules as described here. Really very nice blog!

July 18, 2011 Reply

SEO is about more than using the right keywords. It is about having better linking structure and Meta tags than your competition. It is about getting popular search engines. Blog comments and forum profiles are also two important SEO techniques that can boost your search engine rankings

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July 18, 2011 Reply

Choose only those keywords which are related to your website. Don't use long keywords and also don't use single word keyword..

July 18, 2011 Reply

@php2ranjan You are correct. SEO is about much more than just key words and phrases but this particular article is just about choosing key words and phrases.

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