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21 Jun 2011

Aesthetic Marketing

Aesthetic marketing is something not often put into the equation of a well marketed website. It is extremely important your site has a professional look and feel. First impressions are lasting impressions and can make or break you. The two major elements that will affect the aesthetics of your site are color and layout.

Color schemes that are pleasing and appealing should be chosen for your site. If you have branding with a color scheme in place it will help determine what colors would work for you. If you don’t have any type of branding or have no idea what colors work well together you can use our color picker (only works in (IE) Internet Explorer) to help develop an appealing color scheme.

To decide what type of layout will work well for you can be quite a tedious process. There are many different types of layout. There are Single or one (1) column, two (2) column, three (3) column, horizontal navigation, vertical navigation, or a combination of both horizontal and vertical. One way to help you determine what will work well for you is to search the internet for sites that are easy for YOU to navigate and that you find appealing. Ask a friend or two to do the same and between all the choices you come up with your should have a pretty good idea of what will work for your site.

Keep in mind, not everyone has the same view as to what is appealing. It is important to get the opinions of others once you have decided on an aesthetically pleasing site.

Color, layout, and ease of navigation are 3 factors to consider when laying out your site.

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