22 Jan

Opt-In E-mail Marketing Campaigns

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If you own a site and sell a product or service you should be building an opt-in e-mail list to use in your marketing portfolio and campaign.

Many times visitors will come to a site with the intentions of making a purchase and for some reason never follow through. Once they leave your site you may never see them again. Getting people to trust you with their e-mail address for follow up can be beneficial in acquiring a new client or customer. Getting the opt-in e-mail address can be a fairly easy process with the proper tools.

To build a list you will need a method to acquire the e-mail address such as a form. Make your form non intrusive. Don’t ask for a lot of personal information in the beginning. A name and e-mail address is sufficient. You will also need an auto responder to welcome your new potential customer or client. Personal follow up can take place at another time.

Offering an informative newsletter is one way to get people to freely give you their e-mail address. If someone comes to your site they initially had a reason. Whether it was research of a product / service or to actually to purchase the product / service. Giving free valuable information in return for an e-mail address is a great way to build your list.

Another method is offering a free e-book. You must remember, the information you are freely giving must be of some value or your efforts may never produce any results. Keep in mind as with any marketing your main focus is building trust in you and your product / service.

Opt-in lists are the only way to build your list in a legitimate manner. You do not want to become a spammer. Not only will this loose your trust but it can get your e-mail address and domain name / ip address black listed.

Once your list is built and you are ready to start marketing with it, remember to make your mailings informative and helpful. It’s not all about making money in the beginning, it is about building a relationship with potential clients and customers. Remember, BUILD TRUST.

Remember, if you are an e-mail marketer you mst adhere to the Anti-Spam Laws.

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