14 Feb

Creating External Back Links And Where To Place Them

External Back Links

We will take a step by step approach to understanding not only the importance of back links, but also how to implement them.

The reason you want to obtain back links to your web site is so the search engines will consider your site more of an authority on the subject of your site. The more links you have from relevant sources pointing back to your pages, the more authority your site will gain.

Our main focus of this post is to discuss the creation of these links rather than how to obtain them. Many links can point back to the same location. The objective is to have anchor links with key words and phrases using different but relevant words and phrases. Here is an example of anchor text in a back link and what type of site it can be placed on.

The link will be for a vinyl graphic installation company.

“Note: Did you know that vector graphics are used in printing large format images for vinyl vehicle graphic wraps and installations?”

This link is placed on a tutorial page for creating a logo with the vector graphic program Adobe Illustrator. The reason this is a good place to have a back link for this particular site is vinyl graphics for vehicle wraps can be created with Adobe Illustrator or any other type of vector program. Notice the key words used in the anchor text instead of just using the company name.

There you have it. In plain and simple words, how to create good anchor text and where to link it from.

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