09 Jan

Why Do I Need To Social Network?

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Why Network?

Many people have a misconception of online social networking and how it should be used. Social networking sites are not the marketplace, they are the back yard barbecue. Networking is about meeting people, interacting, sharing ideas and resources, referring, and as an end result, the possibility of sales or new clientele through word of mouth or recommendation.

The first question you should ask yourself is, why do I need to social network?

Maintaining a good customer / client relationship is key to any business’ success. Using a medium such as social networking is the perfect avenue for keeping in contact and keeping your clientele informed.

Meeting new people in your industry to share business ideas is another great reason to network.

While in the process of meeting new people within your social network, you have the opportunity to let people get to know you, your business, and what you have to contribute.

Allowing people to gain trust in who you are and what you offer can greatly increase your chances of referrals to their friends, family, clients, or associates in the future.

Remember, the networking circles are not for immediate sale of products or services, but rather a venue for interacting and socializing to gain trust and authority within your field or market.

Who Should I Network With?

Interact with individuals within communities that my need what you offer. Remember, you are not initially there to sell, you are there to socialize.

Include yourself in circles that my be influential in your industry. People you meet can introduce you to other people that can benefit you in your quest for success.

If you have knowledge in a particular nitch you can find related forums to interact within. Be sure to add value to the forum rather than selling your wares. You will find much more benefit to giving in order to receive than.

What Am I Networking About?

Talk about what you know. Offer tips and useful information people can use. Make friends and acquaintances along the way. Make sure the information you offer is accurate and current. Remember, You are interacting to show you are an authority within your industry to build trust. If you give incorrect or inaccurate information you will not be taken seriously.

Where Should I Be Networking?

There are many different networking venues and not everyone is useful to everyone or every business.

Here is a full list of social networking sites.

Four Great networking sites for business





When Should I Network?

Every Day!

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