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01 Nov 2011

2d Bar QR Codes And How You Can Use Them For Marketing My Business?

What can I do with 2d barcodes?

Market yourself, your business and inform the world of your products and expertise.

The term 2d barcode is applied to barcodes which use both the vertical and the horizontal components of the barcode symbol to hold data.

Above is an example of a 2d barcode. These bar codes can be used by smart phones such as the iphone and Android among others for marketing to share data such as web sites, phone numbers, contact information, SMS code, twitter code and much more.

These codes can be used on websites for Realtors to display properties, general contact information, in brick storefront widows for specials, and any place on or off the web where you want to share information.

For more information on using 2d barcodes please contact us.

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22 Mar 2011

Get Connected On MerchantCircle

Are you spinning your wheels trying to figure out what this connection thing is all about? In this Tuesday Tip we want to help you get a running start.

Connecting to other merchants isn’t just about quantity. Be strategic and make a bigger impact for both your businesses.

  • Meet people who get you. Find a business just like yours in another area. You can trade tips, tricks and promotion ideas to get more customers through the door without needing to worry about competition. Are you a salon in Miami? Find one in Seattle. Landscaper in Spokane? Meet a guy in Austin! MerchantCircle gives you access to business owners all over the country!
  • Connect to business that can help. Find other local business owners who share the same customers and cross promote! Are you a wedding photographer? Meet your local baker. Give those brides a discount for using your recommended MerchantCircle partners.
  • Meet the neighbors! Find out who your closest business neighbors are and get connected on MerchantCircle. Run a big block sale or plan a parking lot party. Create coupons on MerchantCircle for your event- then wrangle in the customers with one-stop, discount shopping.

Build your online presence AND your customer base with MerchantCircle.

If you have an account Start connecting now!

If you DON’T have an account sign up here

05 Mar 2011

I Need a Blog Why?

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Search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing love blogs. As the search result showplace evolves and real time search takes center stage, it has become more important than ever to have a repetitive online presence.

Search engines are constantly changing their algorithms to bring YOU – the searcher, the most relevant up-to-date information possible. As with social networking being a real-time format for information, so has blogging. A blog is nothing more than a web log (hence the name blog), of information pertaining to a specific subject.

Using a blog for SEO purposes can be very beneficial for both your readers and your search engine positioning. By offering well written, informative, and unique content to your readers, they benefit by having the information they are looking for, and your search position benefits by having more traffic on your site. It’s a win win situation.

24 Jan 2011

Engaging Conversation To Retain Visitors

Why should I stay and read this post?

You must be interested in what the title has to say.

Guide your audience

If they are reading your post they are more than likely looking for the answer. Answer to what? The answer to the question they typed into the search engine. Help them along by stimulating their thought process with other questions related to the answer they may not have posed to themselves. Help them think outside the box. One way to think outside the box to come up with a solution is to pose the problem before the answer. Sometimes we don’t even realize there is a problem to be solved.

I want to tell you a short story I read in my travels through the internet that gave me some real insight to this method of thinking. It’s really is short and well worth the read.

A contractor was designing a housing complex. When the design process was complete the contractor proceeded with the project. A few years later he returned to the complex as he was about to embark on another housing complex project. As he approached he noticed something, the yards had paths to the doorways. By taking notice of this event he decided to approach his next project in a little different manner.

After constructing the new housing complex he decided to leave the sidewalks til last. Coming back to the project a few months after the completion he could see the new paths to the doorways developing. At that point the sidewalks were poured where the paths had been cut into the grass.

If you are reading this sentence then my method worked. Engaging readers in questions and story telling can get the point across and help keep people on your site.

10 Feb 2010

Building Your Business Through Relationships

Although internet marketing and SEO are extremely important factors in marketing your business, the art of building relationships with the people you do business with is equally important.

There are Alternative Marketing strategies to SEO that you must keep in place in order to build your business reputation. Let’s face it, you will never please everyone but the harder you try the more people you will please. In turn this will build your business through good faith.

Below you will find 10 building blocks to put in place when building a business relationship.

  1. Communication is Key
  2. Be fair
  3. Give without expecting anything in return
  4. Build trust
  5. Show respect
  6. Be aware of cultural differences
  7. Work through differences of opinion
  8. Be Optimistic
  9. Offer client / customer rewards
  10. Be genuine in what your say and do

Help others to succeed and you will succeed yourself.

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