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27 May 2011

White Hat SEO At The Top Of The List

White Hat SEOWhat is White Hat SEO? Plain and simple, it is following the rules and not being sneaky and underhanded to get yourself moved up in a SERP. Black Hat or Grey Hat SEO will get you banned and can actually get you removed from any search results.

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Black Hat SEO: Practices that will get you banned: Stay away from these techniques.

  • Invisible text: Having key words or phrases hidden by using the same background color as the text color.
  • Doorway pages with long lists of key words
  • Shadow domains that are keyword-rich URLs redirecting to your site
  • Over stuffing key words and phrases on pages
  • Linking to sites with bad reputations
  • Adding links to link farms
  • Duplicate content
  • Copy cat text within your site

These are just a few ways you can hurt your positioning in the search engines. Beware of unethical practices of SEOs and the damage it can cause.

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It is more important to gain long term page ranking than to get the quick results.

13 Dec 2009

Blogging to market a website

Do you have something interesting to talk about? Do you have relevant information to your site that people would search for? Then blogging is for you. As we have discussed many times before, link building is important toward the optimization of your site. The more unique relevant articles with back links to your site you have, the more clout your site will carry with the search engines.

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