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10 May 2017

Fifteen SEO / Marketing Acronym Definitions

It is sometimes difficult to understand the terminology used by search engine optimization specialists. Here is a short list of Fifteen SEO / Marketing Acronym Definitions I feel will help not only with reading this blog, but also to understand your SEO when he / she is discussing your project or needs. Please feel free to retweet this to anyone you feel may have a use.

What does this acronym stand for?

CMS – Content Management System

CSS – Cascading Style Sheet

CTR – Click Through Rate

DMOZ – Directory

HTML – HyperText Markup Language

PPC – Pay Per Click

PR – PageRank

RSS – Really Simple Syndication

SEF – Search Engine Friendly

SEM – Search Engine Marketing

SEO – Search Engine Optimization / Optimizer

SERP – Search Engine Results Page

SMO – Social Media Optimization

URL – Universal Resource Locator

XML – Extensible Markup Language

01 Nov 2011

2d Bar QR Codes And How You Can Use Them For Marketing My Business?

What can I do with 2d barcodes?

Market yourself, your business and inform the world of your products and expertise.

The term 2d barcode is applied to barcodes which use both the vertical and the horizontal components of the barcode symbol to hold data.

Above is an example of a 2d barcode. These bar codes can be used by smart phones such as the iphone and Android among others for marketing to share data such as web sites, phone numbers, contact information, SMS code, twitter code and much more.

These codes can be used on websites for Realtors to display properties, general contact information, in brick storefront widows for specials, and any place on or off the web where you want to share information.

For more information on using 2d barcodes please contact us.

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16 Jul 2011

How Do I Choose Key Words And Phrases For My Web Site Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

How do I choose a list of key words and phrases for my site?

This is a question many clients ask and is a reasonable question. Often a web site owner will not think outside the box for search words that may find new customers or clients. Below I will list several ways to process a full list of viable key words for your business.

First write down the list of key words and phrases you would use to find your business. Have several other people to do the same. Ask as many different types of people as possible to do this for you. Choose the people you ask by age, sex, demographics, and any other variable that may suit your business.

Enter searches into a search engine like Google, Bing, or Yahoo and see if competing businesses come up.

Use your search words and phrases to do a search and research the companies that come up by reading through the content on their pages, paying close attention to key words and phrases that would relate to your business. You will be surprised at the words you may have never considered.

Use a key word generator tool to help in this process Google has a great tool for AdWords campaign that works very well. You can find the tool HERE.

If you are in need of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and are looking for a company that has the experience and knowledge to place you where you want to be in an organic search, contact DeZineZone today for a free no obligation consultation and quote 1-877-578-4591 or send us an e-mail

23 Apr 2011

How Do I Market My Business Online?

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Know your goals

Creating a set of initial goals will help to stay focused. This task will take some time to complete by researching your niche and seeing what works for others within your own market. You may also want to work “outside the box” and come up with one or two unique marketing strategies that can be specific to your industry.

An Important Note:
When writing articles don’t forget the five (5) basic principals of Writing, Who, What , Where, When, and Why. These will give you a good initial starting point for article writing.

There are many other ways to market online but here are some examples of ways to market.

  • SEO Strategies
    • Well thought out easy to use navigation
    • Create unique, targeted, well written content
    • Use correct h tags
    • Use meta Tags
      • description tag
      • etc.
    • Use good title tags
      • different on every page
      • include relevant key words and phrases
    • Well targeted article titles
    • etc.
    • Be sure to include alt tags in images
    • Use anchor text within links (internal or external)
    • Create a sitemap (for users and an xml version for search engines
  • Linking
    • request reciprocal links
    • submit to major directories These are different than the actual search engine.
      • Google Directory
      • Yahoo Directory
      • DMOZ
      • etc.
    • etc.

Stay focused on your goals

Once you have set goals try to stay with those choices, at least for a predefined period of time. Switching your goals and not giving ample time for your goals to mature will only have you running in circles. These strategies take time. None of this happens over night.

Plan on investing time in your plan

Time is critical to any business and how we spend that time is very important. Having a well constructed time frame for accomplishing tasks will assist you in actually getting these tasks done in a timely manner. Set aside a routine time to write articles, social network, and general interaction online for marketing purposes.

Analyze your efforts

Knowing whether or not your techniques are actually working is critical in determining whether or not you should continue with the strategy after the time frame you ave allotted. Using an Analytic software can assist in tracking these type of statistics.

Do not give up on your main goal/s

Keep focused on your goal/s. What is your ultimate goal? To sell? To inform? To brand? Find your goal and Stay focused.

We are always here to help. If you are in need of a professional team to assist your with your online presence please consider contacting us.

09 Feb 2011

Promote Your Website or Blog Online

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Social media is one way to promote your blog or website online. Interaction with people interested in what you are selling or promoting can easily be found in social media circles such as Twitter.

An important part of networking in social media is finding the right circles to travel in. Not everyone on Twitter or other media groups are going to need or want what you are offering. Research your market nitch to determine what types of people may need your services or products.

Once you have determined the type of people or groups to target search for them within the network of choice. Follow them and communicate with them. Offer them useful information for free before trying to make money from them. Build trust in potential customers or clients first and then follow through on what you promise you can supply.

28 Sep 2010

SEO & Marketing Your Website Or Blog

SEO & Marketing

Title Tags:

  • Main title tags should be key word/key phrase rich not stuffed.
  • Title tags should always use h1 or h2 tags.

Creating Content:

  • When creating content it is important to remember key words and key phrases relating to too each individual page. Your key words and key phrases should be broken down within the categories they will be used.
  • All content must be unique, relevant, and original content. Content that is taken from other websites is first and foremost is copy right infringement and second is useless for search engine optimization.

Site Structure:

  • Correct site structure using correct h tags, css, and scripting are an essential component for seo.


  • All images must be optimized for SEO so that your pages load quickly
  • Image format must be 72 dpi and compressed
  • Image formats: jpg, jpeg, gif, png these are the standard web formats


  • Inbound
    • Inbound links are links coming from other websites that link to your site. These links must come from websites that have some relationship to your site. Example: Your site is about auto repair, a good related site that is not indirect competition with your site could be a auto parts store.
  • Internal Links
    • These links link to other content within your website. Example: you have written a article and the article is related to web hosting, a partial sentence that has the key words hosting, joomla hosting, or word press hosting should be linked back to your hosting page.

List Building:

  • An essential part of client / potential client relationships consists of contact on a regular bases. This keeps your company in the fore front of their mind. With this being said, it is important to build a contact list. There are several ways to build list. Gathering e-mail addresses from your website visitors is one way to build your list. This list can be used in an e-mail marketing campaign to keep clients / potential clients informed of new products, company news, new techniques, etc.
  • Methods for building your list
    • Newsletter
    • White papers
    • Offering something of value for their e-mail address in return.

Aethetic Marketing:

  • This is a fundamental part of marketing that is often overlooked. First impressions are lasting impressions. The appearance of your website reflects the professionalism of your company.
28 Jan 2010
13 Jan 2010

How Do I Build An Opt-In List

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Building a list does not come over night. You can not buy a list. You must create a list from people that want to receive the information you offer.Below I will list several legitimate ways to build you list. We only approve of white hat practices when it comes to SEO and marketing.

To get your list started you can compile the list of e-mail addresses you have from existing clients and customers. This will give you a small base to build upon.

You will also need an auto-responder to respond to these requests. Automation is key to having your list built 24-7-365 whether or not you are in front of your computer.

  • Offer something for free in return for an opt-in e-mail address. Offering a product like a newsletter, application, or free advice are all great ways to get opt-in e-mail addresses. When acquiring e-mail addresses do not request large amounts of personal data in your form. First and maybe last name and e-mail address are sufficient. If you want more data you can work toward gaining that information after you have gained a bit of trust.
  • Gather e-mail addresses at Point of Sale (POS). If you have a brick store front you can offer an opt-in e-mailing for promotions that can be offered prior to the promotion going public.
  • Offer a “rewards” program on your site. e-commerce sites often offer a rewards program that allows customers to acquire points for purchases that can be used as discounts on future purchases. This method has a duel reward for you. First you gain an e-mail address and also a greater possibility of return customer to redeem their points.
  • Write an e-book and offer it on your site. In order ti receive the e-book a form requesting name and e-mail address must be filled out and submitted.

Their are many other ways to get qualified targeted marketing e-mail addresses. Be creative in your thought process.

Be sure to share and tweet this article to anyone you feel would find it informative or useful.



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